Exquisite bouquet made with floral decorated cupcakes. Perfect for a special occassion, event, gift or better yet, a delicious treat!

Hot pink, grape violet and lavender.
Hot pink, sunflower and baby pink.
Orange and pink
Blue x3
Lavender, dusk and taupe.
Pastel blue, lavender, dusk pink and taupe.
Autumn theme.
Baby blue, teal and taupe.
Baby blue, blush, dusk and lavender.
Grape violet, lavender and taupe.
Yellow and taupe.
Hot pink, taupe and baby pink.
Lavender, taupe, red and hot pink.
Blush, taupe and tangerine orange.
Dusk, nude and taupe.
Pastel 1
Dusk, sage and taupe
Pink and Cream 4
Gold and Taupe
Light pink, taupe and sunflowers
Aztec blue, taupe and blue bell.
Taupe, hot pink, orange and sunflowers
Sunflowers, hot pink, yellow and tangerine orange.
Blush, taupe and lavender.
Pink and Cream 1
Peach, baby pink and taupe.
Blush, taupe and grape violet.
Dusk, Grape violet and taupe.
Purple 1
Pink, Peach and Cream 1
Pink and Cream 2
Blue 5
Cream, Red and Gold 1
Pink Rose and Sunflowers 1
Pastel 2
Blue 4
Blue, Lavender, Blush and Cream 1
Blue, Teal and Cream
Blush and Taupe 1
Pink and Cream 3
Pastel 3
Blue, Lavender and Cream and Blush 1
Blue 3
Blush, Dusk and Taupe 2
Arctic Blue and Teal
Dusk, Blue, Lavender and Cream 2
Blue 2
Blush and Taupe 3
Blue 1
Bright 1
Blue 5
Pink 5
Pink 6